Monday, November 10, 2008

Nov 2nd

Sun Nov 2

Landed at about 12:30pm at BOM airport (Mumbai). It is warm and humid, very tropical. My coworker Aditya met me as I came out of the terminal, and we headed off to the apartment so I could drop my luggage and change into some jeans and cooler clothes. After a brief tour of the apartment, we headed out to the International Animation Day in Mumbai, which R&H India helped produce.

This is a big animation event in Mumbai, and everyone was there. I met many people from the office here: Vani, Prasad, Sam, Sijo, Chingkhei (aka Sapam), Angela, and Meghna. Chingkhei put together a cool flight simulator (hardware and software). Wow, straight to my heart!

Aditya and I nipped out for a pizza lunch at Not Just Jazz By The Bay overlooking the bay. He told me that many tourists (from India and elsewhere) come to walk around the bay.

Then back to the Animation Festival to watch the awards ceremony where they showed some cool shorts and gave out awards.

Afterwards, we returned to the apartment. It took about an hour (Sun evening) and we saw part of a wedding on the way. I also saw 5 people (a whole family) crammed onto 1 motorcycle! Once there, I promptly crashed into bed and fell asleep.

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